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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A study on the kaolin deposits of belarus with a purpose for their use for the manufactureof ceramic tiles of various functionsSergievich, O. A.; Dyatlova, E. M.; Malinovski, G. N.; Barantseva, S. E.; Popov, R. Yu.
2013Study of thermochemical transformations infireproof coatings of steel building elementsRumynskaya, Е. I.; Kuzmenkov, М. I.
2013Dedusting of the gases outgoing from the glass manufacturing furnaceMisyulia, D. I.; Vaytekhovich, P. Е.; Kuzmin, V. V.
2013Mathematical description of the carry-over of the ground material intothe separation spaceof roller millsFrantskevich, V. S.; Vaytekhovich, P. Е.; Dorogokupets, А. S.
2013The influence of water-reducing admixture on rheological properties of ceramic slipsPishch, I. V.; Кlimosh, Yu. А.; Gabalov, Е. V.
2013High-index glass for the products of ophthalmologic opticsPapko, L. F.; Levitski, I. A.; Dyadenko, M. V.
2013Extraction of vanadium-conataining products from the sludge of thermal of thermal power stationsZharski, I. M.; Kurilo, I. I.; Bychek, I. V.; Kryshilovich, E. V.
2013Destructive efficiency of grinding media in horizontalplanetary millVaytekhovich, P. E.; Khvesko, G. M.; Kozlov, P. S.
2013Method of calculation and analysis of joint operation of circuit loop of ground heat exchangers and heat pumpFilatov, S. A.; Volodin, V. I.
2013Multidimensional computer model for heat exchange processes in pools of the extracts of spent nuclear fuel from nppAndrizhievski, A. A.; Trifonov, A. G.; Pronkevich, T. Y.