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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Vanadium-containing wastes recycling for enterprises using fuel oil: high expectationsZharski, I. M.; Orekhova, S. E.; Kurilo, I. I.; Bychek, I. V.; Kryshilovich, E. V.
2012Demonstration of metastable paragenesis in the process of solid phase interaction in the system of СаО – Al[2]O[3] – SiO[2]Sushkevich, A. V.; Kuzmenkov, M. I.; Shalukho, N. M.; Manak, T. N.
2012Physical and chemical properties of Bi[1–x]La[x]Fe[1–x]Co[x]O[3] solid solutions synthesized by different methodsZatsiupa, A. A.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Shichkova, T. A.; Petrov, G. S.
2012Investigation of sodium sesquicarbonate producingSumich, А. I.; Eshchenko, L. S.; Alekseev, А. D.; Chumak, S. V.
2012Hydroxo-complexes formation in Al[3+] – Mn[2+] – NO[3]{-} – H[2]O systemSokolovskI, A. E.; Radion, Е. V.
2012Research of fluoride ions with the electrode “ECOM-F”Savosko, I. V.; Zinkova, Т. N.
2012Pigment with anticorrosive properties based on transition metal compoundsSalychits, O. I.; Orekhova, S. E.; Ashuyko, V. A.; Oskirko, O. V.
2012Foaming agent effect on the phosphate flotationMozheiko, F. F.; Potkina, T. N.; Goncharik, I. I.; Voitenko, A. I.; Shevchuk, V. V.
2012Production of phosphate binder fire-protective coating for steel building constructionsRumynskaya, E. I.; Kuzmenkov, M. I.
2012Purification of washing waters of iron removal stationsRomanovski, V. I.; Andreeva, N. A.
2012Elimination of fine-dispersed slime negative impact on the process of phosphorite enrichmentMozheiko, F. F.; Potkina, T. N.; Goncharik, I. I.; Voitenko, A. I.; Shevchuk, V. V.
2012The use of pulse electrolysis for copper plating on steel and cast iron bases from citrate electrolyteMikhedova, E. V.; Chernik, А. А.; Zharski, I. M.
2012Influence of the preparation method on the microstructure and physicochemical properties of the (Ca,Bi)[3]Co[4]O[9+?] cobaltitesMatsukevich, I. V.; Klyndyuk, A. I.
2012Synthesis and properties of the composite sorbents on the basis of alumosilicates separated from the clay-salt slimesMaskalchuk, L. N.; Baklay, A. A.; Leontieva, T. G.; Lemutova, M. I.
2012Inventory of galvanic sludge and deposits of the treatment facilities formed at the enterprises of the republic of BelarusMartsul, V. N.; Likhacheva, A. V.; Shibeka, L. A.; Zalygina, O. S.; Romanovski, V. I.; Khodin, V. V.
2012Some applications of galvanic manufacture wasteMartsul, V. N.; Zalygina, O. S.; Shibeka, L. A.; Likhacheva, A. V.; Romanovski, V. I.
2012Production of magnesium oxide polyhydrates as fillers for electrorheological suspensionsMakhrova, Ye. V.; Eshchenko, L. S.; Krupitsa, N. V.
2012Lanthanum excretion from spent petroleum hyrocarbon cracking catalystKozlovskaya, I. Yu.; Martsul, V. N.
2012Glass dolomitic sheets producingKornilova, Т. М.; Kuzmenkov, М. I.; Lukash, Е. V.
2012Thermal analysis, thermal expansion of Pr[1–x]La[x]InO[3] praseodymium-lanthanum indatesKandidatova, I. N.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Petrov, G. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40