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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Experimental research of regular packing for mass-transfer towersMisyulya, D. I.; Protasov, S. K.
2014Influence of ground heat source parameters and consumer on characteristics of geothermal heat pump systemFilatov, S. A.; Volodin, V. I.
2014Influence of technological parameters of the dynamic separator of a bowl roller mill on energy costsDorogokupets, A. S.; Frantskevich, V. S.
2014The model of material movement in the rotor accelerator of the centrifugal impact crusherVaitekhovich, P. E.; Grebenchuk, P. S.; Tabolich, А. V.
2014Computer methods of the analysis of thermo-technical characteristics of heat exchanger-cooler of the “pipe-in-pipe” typeAndrizhievskiy, A. А.; Trifonov, A. G.
20143D computer model of the developed contact surface of heat exchange of complex configurationAndrizhievskiy, A. А.; Lukashevich, А. G.
2014Analysis of processes of aerosol particle transfer and deposition on character surfaces of infrastructure NPPAndrizhievskiy, A. A.; Trifonov, A. G.; Kulik, L. S.
2014Phosphate rock: methods of preparing and applicationMozheyko, F. F.; Goncharik, I. I.; Gotto, Z. A.; Potkina, T. N.; Shevchuk, V. V.
2014Resistance management and structural-rheological properties of the suspended liquid complex fertilizers based on activated ground phosphate rockMozheyko, F. F.; Potkina, T. N.; Goncharik, I. I.; Gotto, Z. A.
2014Flotation sylvite from potash ores at elevated temperaturesTurko, M. R.; Dormeshkin, O. B.; Miskov, E. M.; Solovyova, L. A.
2014Development and industrial testing of cased glass compositions for crystal productsTereshchenko, I. M.; Kravchuk, A. P.; Stetskevich, A. Yu.
2014Composition and properties study of galvanic sludge heat treatment productsEshchenko, L. S.; Zhuk, G. M.; Tzukhay, A. A.
2014Reagent precipitation of hardness ions by carbonate-containing buildersSumich, A.I.; Eshchenko, L. S.; Alekseyev, A. D.; Fedorova, O. Yu.
2014Synthesis, magnetic and luminescent properties of Nd[1–x]La[x]GaO[3] (0.7 ≤ х ≤ 1.0) solid solutionsKandidatova, I. N.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Lobanovskiy, L. S.; Trukhanov, S. V.; Pershukevich, P. P.
2014Precipitation of abrasion resistrant Fe-Ni alloy coatings from sulfate electrolytesKubrak, P. B.; Zhylinskiy, V. V.; Chayevskiy, V. V.
2014Carbon steels corrosion resistance to disinfectantsRomanovskiy, V. I.; Chaika, Yu. N.
2014Synthesis of BiFeO[3] multiferroic from Bi[25]FeO[39] precursor and Fe[2]O[3] oxideZatsiupa, А. А.; Bashkirov, L. A.; Shichkova, T. A.; Emello, G. G.
2014The use of basalts and tuffs as ceramic materials for interior wall facing tilesLevitskiy, I. A.; Barantseva, S. E.; Pozniak, A. I.
2014Synthesis and properties of mixed iron and bismuth vanadatesZharski, I. M.; Opimakh, O. V.; Kurilo, I. I.; Galkovskiy, T. V.
2014Methods for processing ash residues of TPS vanadium containing slurryZharski, I. M.; Kurilo, I. I.; Kryshilovich, E. V.; Kharitonov, D. S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25