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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Sludge stabilization of sewage treatment facilities with waste from production and application of urea-formaldehyde resinsMartsul’, A. V.; Likhacheva, A. V.; Dubina, A. V.
2015Phosphorus release from excess activated sludge to sludge liquide under aerobic and anaerobic sludge stabilizationSapon, E. G.; Martsul', V. N.
2015Photocatalytic wastewater treatment from formaldehydeDubina, A. V.; Martsul’, V. N.
2015Study of sorption properties of non-hydrolyzed peat restBuko, Z. V.; Likhacheva, A. V.
2015The ways to increase the efficiency of degradation of pesticides of sulphonylurea group by microorganisms-destructorsIgnatovets, O. S.; Leontiev, V. N.; Martsul, A. V.; Аkhramovich, T. I.
2015Biosorption-biocoagulation detoxification of waste water by active sludgeIgnatenko, A. V.
2015Elaboration of vegetable oils’ mixtures with a balanced fatty acid compositionVladykina, D. S.; Lamotkin, S. A.; Kolnogorov, K. P.; Il’yina, G. N.; Basharova, A. O.; Kryvonosova, E. V.
2015Production of test products from the bioprocessed ceramic masses under production conditions of JSC “Belkhudozhkeramika”Yakimovich, L. V.; Markevich, R. M.; Svistunova, L. V.
2015Rapid method for determining the composition of crude alcohol using diagrams composition – propertyZilbergleit, M. A.; Shauchuk, M. A,; Shishakov, E. P.; Shpak, S. I.; Bezborodov, V. S.
2015NMR analysis of chloroform extracts of Nigella seedsSkakovskiy, E. D.; Tychinskaya, L. Yu.; Shish, S. N.; Shutova, A. G.; Lamotkin, S. A.; Kryvonosova, E. V.