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dc.contributor.authorAntonik, M. I.-
dc.contributor.authorBosak, V. M.-
dc.identifier.citationAntonik, M. I. The soil conditions of the oak stand in the south-west part of Belarus / M. I. Antonik, V. M. Bosak // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2016. – P. 48-51ru
dc.descriptionIn the soil and climatic conditions of the oak stands (Quercus robur L.) grown installed: features of the state land-ground-water conditions on the water phy sical properties and moisture capacity; the regu-larities of distribution and content of nutrients were revealed; the granulometric composition of soil were established and the group and factional composition of humus were determined. The studies found that in the Bi alowieza Forest oak-woods grow on sod-podzolic and brown forest sandy and sabulous soils underlain by moraine loam. Oak-woods in the floodplains of Pripyat grow on floodplain sod gley sabulous soils with content of physical clay in humus horizons up to 20%. Soil conditions of oaks by water-physical characteristics, moisture reserves and agrochemical indicators are better in floodplain forests, while by density and granulometric texture – in upland types of
dc.subjectдуб черешчатыйru
dc.subjectдубовые насажденияru
dc.subjectпочвенные условияru
dc.subjectлесные почвыru
dc.subjectпойменные почвыru
dc.subjectрост дубаru
dc.titleThe soil conditions of the oak stand in the south-west part of Belarusru
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