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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electronic Energy Relaxation Processes in Chlorophyll and its Analogs: From Concentrated Solutions to Structurally-Organized NanoassembliesZenkevich, E.
2018Absorption and photoreceptor properties of dissolved oxygen molecules under natural conditions. Review of currently available resultsKrasnovsky, A. A.; Benditkis, A.S.; Kozlov, A. S.
2018Spectral-Luminescent and Photochemical Properties of Subporphyrazines with Fused Electron-Deficient HeterocyclesStuzhin, Pavel; Khandoush, Mahmoud; Skvortsov, Ivan; Zhabanov, Yuriy; Novakova, Veronika; Kubat, Pavel; Somov, Nikolai
2018Tautomerism in Porphyrin IsomersWaluk, Jacek
2018Porphyrinoid Materials for Organic Electronics and Advanced HealthcareKelchtermans, Mathias; Gielen, Sam; Deckers, Jasper; Maes, Wouter
2018Evaluation of photodynamic activity and physico-chemical determinants of sensibilization of transformed tissues and cells by chlorine type photosensitizers: molecular and cellular aspectsZorin, V. P.; Zorina, T. E.; Kravchenko, I. E.; Khludeyev, I. I.; Shman, T. V.; Belevtsev, M. V.
2018Fluorescing BOPHY, BODIPY and Triazapentalene DerivativesVerbelen, Bram; Boodts, Stijn; Opsomer, Tomas; Yingchun Wang; Dehaen, Wim
2018Synthetic aspects of preparation of hydrogenated porphyrinsLyubimtsev, A.; Semeikin, S.; Zheglova, N.; Syrby, S.
2018Optical Spectroscopy Revealing Unusual Cis-diprotonated MetallophthalocyaninesKasprzycki, P.; Sobotta, L.; Lijewski, S.; Wierzchowski, M.; Goslinski, T.; Mielcarek, J.; Radzewicz, C.; Fita, P.
2018Excited state energy degradation paths in the case of porphycene and dibenzoporphycene isolated in low temperature matricesDobkowski, J.; Galievski, V.; Gawinkowski, S.; Gil, M.; Kijak, M.; Lobko, Y.; Starukhin, A.; Waluk, J.
2018Light Induced Reactions Catalyzed by PorphyrinoidsGryko, Dorota
2018Supramolecular structures of amphiphilic dyes for photochemical and photophysical applicationsPresselt, Martin; Hupfer, Maximilian; Kaufmanna, Martin; Herrmann-Westendorf, Felix; Das, Saunak Kumar; Dietzek, Benjamin
2018Photophysical Properties and Photodynamic Activity of Zinc DiazaporphyrinateKiselev, A. N.; Gradova, M. A.; Lobanov, A. V.; Syrbu, S. A.
2018DFT Calculations of IR Spectra of Phthalocyanine, Zn-Phthalocyanine and its Deuterated DerivativesGladkova, L. L.; Gromak, V. V.; Solovyov, K. N.
2018The Use of the DFT PBE/TZVP and INDO/SM Quantum Chemical Methods in the Calculations of Molecules of Porphyrazine and PhthalocyaninesKusmitsky, V. A.; Volkovich, D. I.; Gladkov, L. L.; Solovyov, K. N.
2018On the Shift of Equilibrium Between the Free Base Corroles and Their Deprotonated Forms in SolutionKruk, Mikalai M.; Maes, Wouter; Paolesse, Roberto
2018Joining Corroles and Phthalocyanines in Functional Porphyrinoid ArraysBerna, Beatrice Berionni; Platzer, Benedikt; Galloni, Pierluca; Nardis, Sara; Guldi, Dirk M.; Torres, Tomas; Paolesse, Roberto
2018Spectral Signature of the Equilibrium Distribution of the Free Base 5,10,15,20-tetrakis-(3-N-methylpyridyl)-porphyrin Atropisomers in SolutionLiulkovich, Lizaveta S.; Pukhovskaya, Svetlana G.; Ivanova, Yulia B.; Semeikin, Alexander S.; Kruk, Mikalai M.
2018Substitution Architecture Control of the Macrocycle Nonplanarity in the Free Base CorrolesKlenitsky, Dmitry V.; Maes, Wouter; Kruk, Mikalai M.
2018Temperature Control of the NH-tautomerization Rate and Photophysical Properties of Free Base CorrolesAjeeb, Yousef; Karlovich, Tatiana; Maes, Wouter; Dehaen, Wim; Kruk, Mikalai M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20