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dc.contributor.authorFleisher, V. L.en
dc.contributor.authorAndryukhova, M. V.en
dc.contributor.authorMakarova, D. Sen
dc.identifier.citationFleisher, V. L. Synthesis and properties of interaction product of rosin and diethylenetriamine / V. L. Fleisher, M. V. Andryukhova // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 3. – P. 142-144.en
dc.description.abstractAmides of rosin resin acids are a promising material for use in the technology of paper and cardboard in order to increase its strength characteristics. Therefore product of rosin resin acids interaction with diethylenetriamine arouses interest. The influence of temperature and duration of the process of interaction of rosin resin acids with diethylenetriamine on the acid number of the product are examined in this article. Melting point of the received rosin amides was defined. The thermal stability of the reaction product of abietic acid with diethylenetriamine was studied. It was proved that this product contains the appropriate functional groups using Irspectroscopy.en
dc.subjectтехнология бумаги и картонаru
dc.titleSynthesis and properties of interaction product of rosin and diethylenetriamineen
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