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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Engineering of a recombinant fab antibody fragment against cortisolDormeshkin, D. O.; Leontiev, V. N.; Ivashkevich, I. G.; Gilep, A. A.
2013Vitamins and plant saponina in production of functional margarines and spreads possessing antioxidant propertiesMedvedev, D. A.
2013Special properties of free-floating and immobililized active sludge biotic communityMarkevich, R. M.; Grebentchikova, I. A.; Rodenko, A. V.; Vostrova, R. N.
2013Analysis of influence of microorganisms on heavy metals adsorption by aluminosilicate sorbentsSazanovets, M. A.; Ignatenko, A. V.
2013Consumption of phosphates from medium by activated sludge bacteria under various conditions of aerationLemzikova, I. P.; Markevich, R. M.
2013Electronic absorption spectra of st. john's wort extractsKovalenko, N. A.; Supichenko, G. N.; Leontiev, V. N.; Stasevich, O. V.
2013Physiologic and biochemical properties of probioticaly valuable lactic acid bacteria allocated from gasterointestinal tract of chickensChernyavskaya, E. F.; Belyasova, N. A.; Prokulevich, V. A.
2013Application of cryoscopy for detection of milk adulteration by ammoniaVetokhin, S. S.; Podorozhnyaya, I. V.
2013Application of new nitrogen-containing pitches for the manufacture of technical types of paperNikolaichik, I. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.
2013Effect of composition of fuel pellets on their quality parametersSychova, N. A.; Khmyzov, I. A.; Solovyeva, T. V.
2013Influence of the peat briquettes composition on their quality indicatorsAleksandrova, А. N.; Тimoshik, N. I.; Khmyzov, I. А.; Solovyeva, Т. V.
2013Influence of the constituent composition on antimicrobial and perfume properties of fir essential oilsVladykina, D. S.; Lamotkin, S. A.; Litvinova, E. V.; Vyglazov, O. G.
2013The nitrate content in berries of low bush blueberry (vaccinium angustifoliumait.) of the harvest of the second year commercial fruitingGordey, D. V.; Morozov, O. V.; Tereshkina, N. V.; Gudinskaya, O. V.
2013Natural degradation ways of herbicides of sulfonylurea groupLeontiev, V. N.; Akhramovich, T. I.; Ignatovets, O. S.; Lazovskaya, O. I.
2013Study and optimization of pulp paper composition to produce packaging paperKasperovich, Y. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.
2013Paper properties depending on the synthetic fillers flowShcherbakova, T. O.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.; Muraveyko, P. V.
2013Influence of conditions for obtaining styrene copolymers on paper propertiesZholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.; Kasperovich, Y. V.; Kaputsky, F. N.; Shiman, D. I.
2013The influence of recipe ingredients of elastomeric composition on the elastic-deformation properties of tireShashok, Zh. S.; Kasperovich, A. V.; Prokopchuk, A. V.; Kayushnikov, S. N.
2013Properties of elastomeric compositions with fluorinated additivePolonik, V. D.; Prokopchuk, N. R.; Shashok, Zh. S.
2013Project of method developing of quality control of spruce essential oil by gas-liquid chromatographyMalakhovskaya, G. V.; Lamotkin, S. A.; Vladykina, D. S.; Popina, O. A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56