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Title: Paper properties depending on the synthetic fillers flow
Authors: Shcherbakova, T. O.
Zholnerovich, N. V.
Chernaya, N. V.
Muraveyko, P. V.
Keywords: прочность бумаги
синтетические наполнители
свойства бумаги
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Paper properties depending on the synthetic fillers flow / T. O. Shcherbakova [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 3. – P. 158-160.
Description: It is shown that the replacement of natural filler (barium sulfate) with particle size of the synthetic 1.50?2.00 microns with a particle size 0.50?0.57 microns allows us to give the correct paper whiteness and breaking length but to maximize the strength of the paper sheet. Found that decreasing the size of the filler particles from 1.50?2.00 to 0.50?0.57 microns can help improve their retention in the structure of the paper through the course of the process of filling in heteroadagulation while the process of penitration, which has a positive effect on its printability.
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