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Title: Electronic absorption spectra of st. john's wort extracts
Authors: Kovalenko, N. A.
Supichenko, G. N.
Leontiev, V. N.
Stasevich, O. V.
Keywords: коллекции Центрального ботанического сада
перфорированный зверобой
экстракты зверобоя Джона
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Electronic absorption spectra of st. john's wort extracts / N. A. Kovalenko [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 3. – P. 208-211.
Description: In this study electronic absorption spectra of John's Wort extracts of different types from the collection of Central Botanical Garden of the Belarusian NAS have been investigated. It has been shown that the character of electronic absorption spectra significantly depends on the nature of herbal material, temperature, polarity of solvents and pH value of medium. The Hypericum perforatumwas found to be the most prospective home herbal material. The optimal conditions of hypericin extraction from John's Wort, including temperature mode and pH value have been established. On the basis of spectral researches it is shown that the greatest extent of hypericin extraction is reached at ethanol and acetone use.
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