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Title: Structure and properties of ln'0.5ln’’0.5bacufeo5+? (ln', ln’’ -ree) solid solutions
Authors: Klyndyuk, A. I.
Chizhova, E. A.
Keywords: кислородная нестехиометрия
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Klyndyuk, A. I. Structure and properties of ln'0.5ln’’0.5bacufeo5+? (ln', ln’’ -ree) solid solutions / A. I. Klyndyuk, E. A. Chizhova // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 3. – P. 27-30.
Description: The ceramic samples of the layered ferrocuprates Ln'0.5Ln0.5BaCuFeO5+?(Ln', LnLa, Pr, Sm, Gd, Yb) solid solutions were prepared using solid-state reactions method, and their crystal structure, oxygen nonstoichiometry, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and thermo-EMF were studied. Ln'0.5Ln0.5BaCuFeO5+?oxides were found to be the p-type semiconductors. It was shown that structural characteristics, oxygen stoichiometry, linear thermal expansion coefficient and activation energy of electrical conductivity of layered ferrocuprates depend on sizes while electrical conductivity and thermo-EMF values depend on electronic configuration of REE cations in their composition.
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