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Title: Thermoelectric properties of (Na,M)xCoO2 (M= Li, K, Cs)ceramics
Authors: Krasutskaya, N. S.
Chizhova, Ye. A.
Busel', T. S.
Klyndyuk, A. I.
Keywords: керамика
фазовый состав керамики
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Thermoelectric properties of (Na,M)xCoO2 (M= Li, K, Cs)ceramics / N. S. Krasutskaya [et al.] // // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 3. – P. 35-39.
Description: The (Na,M)xCoO2(M= Li, K, Cs, x= 0.55, 0.89) ceramics was synthesized, and its phase composition, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity and thermo-EMF were investigated. The materials obtained were polyphase ones and theyconsisted of sodium cobaltite (?-NaxCoO2), Co3O4and of other alkaline metals cobaltites (LiCoO2, KCoO2, Cs2CoO3). The temperature dependences of electrical conductivity of the (Na,M)0.55CoO2(M= K, Cs) and (Na,M)0.89CoO2samples had semiconducting character, but (Na,Li)0.55CoO2ones had metallic character. The materials studied were p-type conductors, which thermo-EMF and power factor (P) values rose at temperature increasing, and values of linear thermal expansion coefficient varied within (11.1–14.9) · 10 –6 K –1 . Inserting into Na0.55CoO2ceramics the lithium or potassium oxides increased its power factor, thus, for Na0.28K0.27CoO2compound P1100= 361 ?W ?m –1 ?K –2 , which was 85% higher than for Na0.55CoO2.
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