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Title: Analysis of piece by piece methods of round wood mesurements
Authors: Minkevich, S. I.
Petrauskas, E.
Sevruk, P. V.
Keywords: измерения круглой древесины
инвентаризация бревен
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Minkevich, S. I. Analysis of piece by piece methods of round wood mesurements / S. I. Minkevich, E. Petrauskas, P. V. Sevruk // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2014. – № 1. – P. 26-29.
Description: Based on literature review piece by piece methods of round wood measurements employed in different countries are briefly discussed. An analysis of round wood volume tables from GOST 2708–75 in comparison with the Lithuanian volume tables showed positive values of deviations that indicates larger values in “Lithuanian” volumes (up to 10% for butt and middle logs and 15% – for top logs, although for butt logs over 70 cm diameter the differences in their volumes are around 2% only). The main working method of upper diameter (STB 1667-2012, GOST 2708–75) was researched. 194 logs in 6 stacked batches were measured (diameters at both ends of a log (twice, rounding to 0.1 cm), and length (0.1 m)). The greatest deviations have been received when logs with increased taper coefficient (1–2 cm/m) are inventoried (–14.5% according to the formula of the “end cross-sections” (SmalIana) and – 13.1% – using formula of “truncated cone”). In our view, it is advisable to clarify the method of upper diameter based on the average value of taper coefficient in stacked batches of round wood (entering of amendments to the volumes from GOST 2708–75 on a log taper coefficient of real value).
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