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Title: Resource-saving technology of casting resins manufacture
Authors: Shishakov, E. P.
Shevchuk, M. A.
Tolkach, O. Ya.
Keywords: карбамидоформальдегидный концентрат
карбамидофурановые смолы
литейное производство
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Shishakov, E. P. Resource-saving technology of casting resins manufacture / E. P. Shishakov, M. A. Shevchuk, O. Ya. Tolkach // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2014. – P. 9-13
Description: Carbamidfuran and carbamiddianfuran pitches the technology of reception is developed for foundry manufacture resource-saving. As a source of formaldehyde and partially a carbamide it is used carbamidformaldehyd a concentrate. Concentrate use allows to receive pitch with the high maintenance of solids, to exclude a stage evaporation ready pitch, to reduce time of synthesis of pitch and to lower the expense of heat on its reception. The conducted tests of pre-production models of pitch in industrial conditions have shown its suitability for reception sand pitch mixes which apply to manufacturing casting from aluminium.
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