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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Application of the modified styrene copolymers for reinforcement of recycled pulp paperZholnerovich, N. V.; Caputsky, F. N.; Chеrnaya, N. V.; Shiman, D. I.; Lesun, L. A.; Kasperovich, Y. V.
2013Application of new nitrogen-containing pitches for the manufacture of technical types of paperNikolaichik, I. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.
2013Strength enhancement of packaging paper using nitrogen compoundsGordeyko, S. А.; Chernaya, N. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Fleisher, V. L.; Drapeza, А. А.; Andryuhova, М. V.; Makarova, D. S.
2014Filled paper pulp sizing features in the presence of polyelectrolyteShcherbakova, T. O.; Chernaya, N. V.; Chubis, P. A.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Savanovich, O. Yu.
2012Influence of the waste composition on the properties of paper sheetsGordeiko, S. A.; Chernaya, N. V.; Kolesnikov, V. L.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Parimonchik, E. S.; Atrashkevich, E. N.
2012The influenсe of structure and the weight of one square meter of elementary layers on properties of printing cardboardNikolaychik, I. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.; Kolesnikov, V. L.
2014Application features of hexane diacid polycondensation products with diethylene triamine and resin acids in paper technologyGordeyko, S. A.; Chernaya, N. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Fleysher, V. L.; Makarova, D. S.
2013Study and optimization of pulp paper composition to produce packaging paperKasperovich, Y. V.; Zholnerovich, N. V.
2013Paper properties depending on the synthetic fillers flowShcherbakova, T. O.; Zholnerovich, N. V.; Chernaya, N. V.; Muraveyko, P. V.
2015The influence of paper mass composition on effectiveness of applying synthetic fillersShcherbakova, T. O.; Chernaya, N. v.; Zholnerovich, N. V.