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Title: Developing wood chips and pellets as source of energy. Challenges and solutions
Authors: Rakos, C.
Keywords: топливные пеллеты
древесная щепа
древесное топливо
возобновляемая энергетика
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГТУ
Citation: Rakos, C. Developing wood chips and pellets as source of energy. Challenges and solutions / C. Rakos // Лесозаготовительное производство: проблемы и решения : материалы международной научно-технической конференции, Минск, 26-28 апреля 2017. – Минск : БГТУ, 2017. – С. 116-118.
Description: The development of wood chips and pellets as source of energy is a complex process which involves technology development as well learning processes among all persons involved in market development and technology deployment. Austrian experiences show that technology development took decades to reach todays level of fully mature technology. The proper integration of these systems with energy demanding systems such as buildings or district heating systems is another challenge that must be carefully addressed. Finally, organizing an efficient fuel supply chain is a complex task that needs to be carefully addressed and developed. Training of all persons relevant for technology deployment and use is a critical success factor. This includes professionals such as architects, engineering consultants, installers, maintenance professionals as well as all persons active in the fuel supply chain. Quality management schemes for planning of installations as well as for fuel supply chains as the ENplus system for pellets have been critical for bioenergy success in Austria.
Appears in Collections:Лесозаготовительное производство : проблемы и решения : материалы Международной научно-технической конференции, посвященной памяти профессора А. С. Федоренчика, Минск, 26-28 апреля 2017 г.

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