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Title: Growing of oak cultures in floodplain river Pripyat territory of the National park “Pripyat”
Authors: Bespalyy, A. A.
Sokolovskiy, I. V.
Keywords: дуб черешчатый
рост дуба
поймы рек
пойменные почвы
национальные парки
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Bespalyy, A. A. Growing of oak cultures in floodplain river Pripyat territory of the National park “Pripyat” / A. A. Bespalyy, I. V. Sokolovskiy // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2016. – P. 52-54
Description: The results of the five-year study of cultures of oak, created two sites, located in the left bank of the floodplain. Pripyat in the territory of the National Park “Pripyat”. Object no. 1 is located in the central part of the floodplain on the turf gl eyey and gley sandy soils. Object no . 2 is located in the floodplain of the riverbed on a combination of Nuclear-podzolic sandy and sandy loam soils of various moisture sandy slabozader-nennymi sediments and sma ll areas of turf gley ey sandy loam soil. It is found that in the central part of the height of the flood oak average twice higher than the flood side riverbed. Approximately 50% of the test specimens are characterized by oak-hundredth you within 20–40 cm. Individual oak specimens in riverbed of the flood reached a height of 78 cm and 144 cm in the middle. The first oak growth in height in the extremely arid 2015 in the riverbed of the flood rec-orded in 15% of the trees, and in the central 44%. Included Quantity-tion of trees that have marked the second highest gains, reduced by 3–5 times. It was noted in edanie young oak shoots wild animals and drying it on a high sandy ridges in the riverbed of the floodplain. In the central part of the floodplain survival and preservation of oak is quite high.
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