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Title: Middle asia plants in the botanical garden of BSTU
Authors: Klimchik, G. Ya.
Keywords: ботанический сад Белорусского государственного технологического университета
интродукция растений
коллекции растений
растения Средней Азии
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Klimchik, G. Ya. Middle asia plants in the botanical garden of BSTU / G. Ya. Klimchik // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2016. – P. 25-28
Description: The results of the introduction of species from harsh areas of the harsh areas of Central Tanshan as well as Turan and Turkmen provinces of Iran-Turan region in the botanical garden of BSTU, which is located in the Republic of Belarus in the East European province. The woodland is part of Nemansko-Prіdneprovsky geobotanical district subzones hornbeam-oak-conifer forests. The climate is moderately cold and moist. The period with positive air temperature is 240 days. The amount of rain in a year on average is 650 mm. Over 60 years of botanical garden planted 66 species of flora of Siberia. Significant replenishment of the collection was carried out in 1963, 1975–1977. Currently, 26 species survived. The rest for various reasons, dropped out of the collection. Well settled down and go through the whole cycle of species such as Caragana leucophloea Pojark, Sorbaria lindleyana, Sorbaria kirilowii, Caragana turkestanica, Caragana brevispina Royle, Córnus Torreya and others. Not tested species such as Populus bolleana Louche, Picea schrenkiana subsp. tianschanica, Spiraea mongolica, Kerria japonica, Elaeágnus angustifólia, Caragána spinosa, Caragána arborescens ( f. pendula ), Caragana arborescens ( f. lorbergii ) and others. In the extremely depressed state on the ve rge of dropping out of the collection are Lycium barbarum, Lonícera altaica Pall., Malus pumila, Spiraea pubescens and others. The main reasons for reducing the total number of species and number of plants in groups are over-planting density, depressing light-loving species of flora, shade under the canopy of trees, etc.
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