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Title: Research of influence of various carbon black types on technical properties of rubbers
Authors: Shashok, Zh. S.
Uss, E. P.
Kasperovich, A. V.
Keywords: углерод технический
резинотехнические изделия
резиновые смеси
свойства резин
технические свойства
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Shashok, Zh. S. Research of influence of various carbon black types on technical properties of rubbers / Zh. S. Shashok, E. P. Uss, A. V. Kasperovich // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2016. – P. 3-7
Description: The influence of carbon black types P-803 and S800 on elastic, strength and deformation properties of rubbers intended for production of molded rubber products has been studied. As objects of research the rubber mixtures based on combination of general purpose rubber SRI-3+SRD and special purpose rubber BNRS-18AMN were used. The studies of chemical composition of the surface of various carbon black types revealed that the surf ace of carbon black type S800 contains a large amount of sulfur and a minimal amount of oxygen, the presence of which may influence the curing process, and consequent-ly on the elastic and mechanical properties of rubbers . It was established that P-803 carbon black type substitution by S800 type leads to increase in streng th characteristics, Shore A hardness and to decrease in relative compression set of vulcanizates based on BNRS-18AMN. In rubber based on combination of rubbers SRI-3+SRD with carbon black type S800 re vealed decrease resistance against growth tears and increase Shore A hardness of vulcani zates, compared with samples of rubber with carbon black type P-803. The character of changes in rubber properties may be due to the influence of the carbon black type on the structure and density of curing grid.
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