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Title: Study of sorption properties of non-hydrolyzed peat rest
Authors: Buko, Z. V.
Likhacheva, A. V.
Keywords: негидролизуемый остаток торфа
торф верховой
фенольные гидроксилы
карбоксильные гидроксилы
сорбционные свойства
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Buko, Z. V. Study of sorption properties of non-hydrolyzed peat rest / Z. V. Buko, A. V. Likhacheva // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 187-190
Description: Results of research of sorption properties of non-hydrolyzed peat rest (NHR) of upland type in relation to heavy metal ions are presented in article. The structure and properties of non-hydrolyzed peat rest (ash-content, moisture-content, functional groups content, the concentration of fulvic acids in the liquid filtrate phase), the value of static exchange capacity for ions of iron, copper, nickel, bichromate ions were determined. It is shown that this sorbent is effective for extraction of cations and has a low degree of extraction for anions of heavy metals. To increase the activity of the sorbent the preliminary processing of non-hydrolyzed peat rest by hydrogen peroxide, surfactants and/or ultrasound, and also their joint processing were carried out. When conducting research, it was found that the sorption properties of NHR in relation to heavy metal ions depend on conditions of the sorption process, the contents of functional groups (carboxyl groups and phenolic hydroxyls), as well as the nature of ion. The received results showed that processing of non-hydrolyzed rest of peat has a significant influence on the static exchange capacity value of on ions of copper and nickel, and insignificant one on iron and bichromate ions.
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