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Title: Chemical and technological tests of beetroot in the development of technology of obtaining concentrated juice from it
Authors: Shachek, T. M.
Ivashko, D. E.
Yegorova, Z. E.
Keywords: свекла столовая
сок свекольный
концентрированный сок
сорта свеклы
корнеплоды свеклы
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Chemical and technological tests of beetroot in the development of technology of obtaining concentrated juice from it / T. M. Shachek, D. E. Ivashko, Z. E. Yegorova // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 150-154
Description: The criteria for choosing roots crops for processing beetroot into concentrated juice were defined. Researches on an assessment of chemical and techno logical characteristics of the roots of various botanical crops zoned in the Republic of Belarus and their dynamics at various stages of production of the concentrated juice are conducted. The objects of research were the fresh and stored beetroot, semi-processed and experimental crops produced in laboratory and under industrial conditions. Experimental samples of the concentrated juice were received at the various mode s of technological processing of beetroot (temperature, duration, рН): peeling, grinding, pulp blanching, and juice evaporation. In the studied objects the dry solids and sugars weight ratio, acidity and betanin content were defined. Standard methods of the analysis and principles of traceability of measurements were used for investigation. Beetroot of botanical varietes Bordo and Cylindra was offered for industrial processing for concentrated juice. They contain more than 17.0% of dry solids, more than 0.1% acidity and more than 125 mg/100 g of a betanin, which correspond to the technological requirements to beetroot crops, which is used for canning. Stabe content of betanin in beetroot during its storage in standard conditions (0–1°C) till 6 months was established. Betanin loss in obtained concentrated juice range 35–69%.
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