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Title: Physical and mechanical properties of composite materials polymer waste JSC “Beltsvetmet”
Authors: Karpovich, O. I.
Narkevich, A. L.
Khrol, E. Z.
Petrushenya, A. F.
Pozhen’ko, Ya. I.
Keywords: композиционные материалы
полимерсодержащие отходы
литье под давлением
переработка отходов
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Physical and mechanical properties of composite materials polymer waste JSC “Beltsvetmet” / O. I. Karpovich [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 62-65
Description: On the basis of polymer waste of “Beltsvetmet” samples made of composite materials with different contents of waste. Materials produced by the method of the seam-forming and injection molding. Identified the main technological parameters of manufacturing processes. Restrictions on the weight content of the waste to the methods of manufacture. For determined materials derived basic physical and mechanical characteristics: density, tensile strength and te nsile modulus and bending strength, tensile shear strength, impact strength. It has been established that the strength properties of composite materials based on polymer waste stored on a completely acceptable level in comparison with the primary and secondary unfilled polymers. The influence of the method of manufacture and maintenance of waste on the mechanical properties of materials. The fundame ntal possibility of recycl ing of polymer waste by seam-forming and injection molding products irrespons ible destination to which no high requirements.
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