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Title: Properties of elastomeric compositions with plasticizers based on secondary raw materials
Authors: Leshkevich, A. V.
Shashok, Zh. S.
Gurin, P. D.
Keywords: эластомерные композиции
вторичное сырье
резиновые смеси
вулканизация каучуков
вязкость по Муни
релаксация напряжений
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Leshkevich, A. V. Properties of elastomeric compositions with plasticizers based on secondary raw materials / A. V. Leshkevich, Zh. S. Shashok, P. D. Gurin // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 4. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 44-48
Description: Currently, as plasticizers in the rubber industry are widely used petroleum oils, the most common of which are: PO-6 and I-20. Due to lack of oil, much attention is paid to the recycling of waste oils. The aim of the recycling is further use of the products in the industry. In this context, the influence of the products of recycling waste engine oil (DVCH-1 and DVCH-2) in comparison with industrial oils on the technological properties of unfilled elastomeric compositions was investigate. The elastomeric compositions were based on poly isoprene, oil-filled styrene-butadiene and ethylene-propylene rubbers. The plasticizers were manufactured by IOOO “DVCH-Menedzhment”. They were a mixture of hydro-carbons, C[16]–C[20] and differ from each other in the content of linear and branched paraffins. Plastic-elastic and vulcanization properties of rubber compounds with different plasticizers were defined. Plastic-elastic properties of rubber compounds on the shear disk viscometer MV2000 in accordance with GOST 10722–76 was carried out. Kinetics of vulcanization on the rheometer ODR2000 according to GOST 12535–84 was defi ned. The correlation of the investigated properties of rubber compounds with the type and quantitative content of the used plasticizer was given.
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