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Title: Landscape organization at theater square on the example of Kaunas city garden (Kaunas) and Alexandrovsky square (Minsk)
Authors: Berezko, O. M.
Vaitkutė Eidimtienė, V.
Keywords: Каунасский городской сад
городские ландшафты
Александровский сквер
ландшафтные композиции
оценка окружающей среды
театральные здания
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Berezko, O. M. Landscape organization at theater square on the example of Kaunas city garden (Kaunas) and Alexandrovsky square (Minsk) / O. M. Berezko, V. Vaitkutė Eidimtienė // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 121-124
Description: The theater building is a representative – is still goi ng to the theater is an event, a holiday. Ideally, it should reflect and theatrical environment. During the formation of the environment of the theater as possible use the same principles that are used in the formation of any other public use of the urban landscape. The article estimates the features of formation and a comparative analysis of environmental theater building on the example of Kaunas c ity garden adjacent to the buildin g of the Kaunas Musical Theatre and the Alexandrovsky square with the building of the National Academic Theater Y. Kupala in Minsk. Environmental assessment theaters in the article is based on the methodology proposed by the Li-thuanian architect P. Kavaliauskas. In assessing the level of formation there are two elements of the landscape: the child, which includes a proportion, scale, rhythm, balance, color consent; and the parent whose elements are the idea of the composition, compositional principle, centers and axes of the composition and the composition scenario. The comparison showed the similarity of the situation and the history of urban facilities, a great similarity in many landscape and composition elements. At the same time revealed that similar ideas of composition – a man out of urban space and enter it in the world of theater, scripts composition in the examples are different.
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