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Title: Increase forest productivity of Negorelsky forest enterprise
Authors: Rusalenko, A. I.
Filon, D. I.
Keywords: продуктивность лесов
Негорельский учебно-опытный лесхоз
бонитировка древостоев
бонитировка почв
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Rusalenko, A. I. Increase forest productivity of Negorelsky forest enterprise / A. I. Rusalenko, D. I. Filon // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 95-98
Description: In Negorelsky forest enterprise pine stands occupy 60.2%, birch – 15.6%, alder – 11.5%, spruse – 10.4% of the forested area. The average class of bonitet – I,1, average density – 0.74. Average rating stands equal to 41, and soils – 75 points. Evaluation stands at less than the maximum 59 points from which to site conditions accounted for 25, due to re duced completeness – 19 and species composition – 15. May increase stand productivity improvement of the species composition and density by 34 points. Effective measures to improve the productivity of forests is the reconstruction by clearcut stands growing at any age and the subsequent development of forest plantations of pine. Reconstruction undergo low-productivity pine stands on an area 797.7 ha, spruse – 1,036.1 ha, oak – 113.1 ha and stands of low value species: birch – 2,316.4 ha, aspen – 167.0 ha, hornbeam – 16.3 ha, willow – 5.5 ha and black alder – 930.2 ha. The total area of reconstruction is 5,382.3 ha, or 33.9% of the forested area. On the area of reconstruction of forest pr oductivity will increase by 3.6 times.
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