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Title: Dynamics growth of forest plantations of pine ordinary sort “Negorelskaya”
Authors: Poplavskaya, L. F.
Rebko, S. V.
Tupik, P. V.
Keywords: сосна обыкновенная
лесные культуры
рост сосны
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Poplavskaya, L. F. Dynamics growth of forest plantations of pine ordinary sort “Negorelskaya” / L. F. Poplavskaya, S. V. Rebko, P. V. Tupic // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 89-91
Description: Conducted a study on the dynamics of growth of cultures of Pinus sylvestris brand “Negorelskaya” created in the Krasnoslobodsky fo restry (Berezinskii Predpolessky forest growth area subzone spruce-hornbeam oak). Received information that the culture of pine bran d “Negorelskaya” characterized by high growth rates. By the age of 7 in the culture begins to grow significantly intraspecific competition for trees growing conditions, so that there is a mark ed differentiation families grow. At the time of transfer of forest crops in forest ed area final stabilization rank of families of pine brand “Negorelskaya” adjustment has not come yet. Since the establishment of pine varietal planting material observed differentiation progeny height, increasingly growing to 7 years of age. By this age in culture, the varietal planting material, 9 families were significantly higher than the control height, 10 families grow at the level of control and height deviation in one direction or another are irrelevant and unreliable and only one family (6–7) significantly behind in growth control.
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