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Title: Technology of herbicide application at cultivation of saplings in wood nurseries
Authors: Nosnikov, V. V.
Yurenya, A. V.
Mayseenok, A. P.
Keywords: лесные питомники
выращивание саженцев
почвенные гербициды
лиственные породы
хвойные породы
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Nosnikov, V. V. Technology of herbicide application at cultivation of saplings in wood nurseries / V. V. Nosnikov, A. V. Yurenya, A. P. Mayseenok // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 86-88
Description: At inspection of school branches of nurseries it is established that in the fi rst year character of a contamination grassy vegetation is similar to sowing branch. The next years the share of participation of long-term weed plants, including such kinds as a Elytrígia répens and Cirsium arvense increases. In school branches herbicides can be applied before planting, prior to the beginning of vegetation, during vegetation and in the end of vegetation. The soil herbicides possessing high efficiency and long period of validity should become a basis of chemical care. We tested soil herbicide of Terrsan in school branch of coniferous and deciduous breeds. At processing in a dose of 30 g/ha prior to the beginning of vegetation herbicide action is observed within three months. During vegetation the tank mix of herbicides of Tameron in a dose of 25 g/ha and the Skat in a dose 1 l/ha was used. In school branch of deciduous breeds processing should be spent not earlier than July. On earlier terms it is observed chlorosis of leaves and delay of growth of shoots. In school branch of coniferous breeds processing can be spent throughout all vegetative period. In the end of vegetation in school branch of a fur-tree European it is possible to apply glyphosate preparations in a dose of 2–4 l/ha. On our researches processing by herbicides has not led to damage or oppression of saplings of coniferous and deciduous breeds. Processing by herbicides during the droughty period and at high temperatures is not recommended. On the processed objects it is desirable to apply plant growth stimulant. For removal of restriction on processing terms it is possible to use for manual sprayers the protective screen providing directed processing and possibility to apply Terrsan during all vegetation.
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