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Title: Essential felling experience in derivatives birch Belarusian Poozerye forests
Authors: Labokha, K. V.
Shiman, D. V.
Klysh, A. S.
Keywords: рубки главного пользования
сплошные рубки
равномерно-постепенные рубки
длительно-постепенные рубки
Белорусское Поозерье
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Labokha, K. V. Essential felling experience in derivatives birch Belarusian Poozerye forests / K. V. Labokha, D. V. Shiman, A. S. Klysh // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 1. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 46-48
Description: Analyzed felling volumes in derivatives birch stands 8 forestry enterprises subzone of oak-conifer forests in the last 6 years. It wa s found that derivatives of birch Belarusian Poozerye felling conducted on an area of 91.1 (SDFRM “Begoml forestry establishment”) to 893 hectares (SDFRM “Rossony forestry establishment”). The most common types of felling are clear-Way and precinct. Their participation share in the total varies from 53.2 (SDFRM “Vitebsk forestry establishment”) to 83.1% (SDFRM “Polotsk forestry establishment”). The proportion of continuous felling with preservation of under-growth ranges from 6.6 (SDFRM “Polotsk forestry establishment”) to 10.4% (SDFRM “Vitebsk forestry establishment”). Research has shown that derivatives birch forests Poozerye silvicultural effective ways felling when restoring indigenous forest formations can be considered uniformly gradual and long-gradual felling in areas with trustworthy undergr owth or the presence of the second tier of spruce. Thanks to the accompanying natural regeneration in areas uniformly gradual cuttings in birch fern, wood sorrel and bilberry have enough spruce and pine for the further successful shaping the future of commercially valuable tree stands, and is dominated by small height undergrowth (55–65%), which appeared as a result of the first logging techniques. In all areas of long-gradual cuttings in birch with a se-cond tier of spruce after completing the first cycle with the complete removal of birch tier formed eco-nomically valuable spruce stands with a small admixture of pine and birch with age older than 40 years, characterized by sufficient efficiency and stability.
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