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Title: Class technology analysis of Big Data
Authors: Zhilyak, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
Mohamed Ahmad El Seblani
Keywords: Big Data
scoring technology
большие данные
объем данных
обработка данных
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГТУ
Citation: Zhilyak, N. A. Class technology analysis of Big Data / N. A.Zhilyak, Mohamed Ahmad El Seblani // Труды БГТУ. Сер. 3, Физико-математические науки и информатика. - Минск : БГТУ, 2017. - № 2 (200). - С. 118-121
Description: The article discusses an overview of some technologies of BIG DATA class. The article includes the classification and analysis of methods of processing large amounts of data. The theoretical aspects associated with the emergence of the phenomenon of big data, explores the epistemology and heuristic possibilities of big data. The practical significance of the chosen theme is to develop new methods and algorithms for analysing large amounts of data (BIG DATA), allowing early detection of possible loss or distortion of information, which in turn may lead to reduction in financial losses. This article will be useful for specialists dealing with the problems of organization and processing of databases, in particular BIG DATA.
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