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Title: Information centric networking for web-based content distribution and manipulation
Authors: Jaber, Ghassan
Patsei, Natallia Vladimirovna
Keywords: Интернет
информационные сети
организация данных
удаленный доступ
information-centric networks
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГТУ
Citation: Jaber, G. Information centric networking for web-based content distribution and manipulation / G. Jaber, N. V. Patsei // Труды БГТУ. Сер. 3, Физико-математические науки и информатика. - Минск : БГТУ, 2017. - № 2 (200). - С. 88-91
Description: Modern Internet architecture is based on the model of interaction with the host-center, which was convenient at the initial stage of the Internet development. However, today most users are interested in receiving (often it is huge amounts) information, regardless of its physical location. This shift paradigm in the Internet model, as well as the need to improve security and mobility support, led to a radical revision of the future Internet architecture. In this connection а lot of researches have appeared. In particular, these are some models with an information-centric network (ICN) organization. There are a lot of open questions in ICN. Some of which are discussed in this article. First, these are the basic functional capabilities of ICN architectures. Secondly, it is naming and data routing organization. Thirdly, these are issues of security and caching.
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