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Title: The complex and rational use of lead is in production of joiner-building wares
Authors: Ignatovich, L. V.
Shet’ko, S. V.
Skrotskiy, A. I.
Keywords: resource saving
joinery products
столярные изделия
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: БГТУ
Citation: Ignatovich, L. V. The complex and rational use of lead is in production of joiner-building wares / L. V. Ignatovich, S. V. Shet’ko, A. I. Skrotskiy // Труды БГТУ. Сер. 1, Лесное хозяйство, природопользование и переработка возобновляемых ресурсов. – Минск : БГТУ, 2018. - № 1 (204). – С. 54-57.
Description: The article suggests resource-saving method manufacturing joinery products of veneer, giving the opportunity to reduce the consumption of expensive hardwood and valuable species of wood as the surface layer laminated veneer products (plywood) to manufacture parquet products. This method allows to use as raw material-lump veneer, veneer-flaw − waste of plywood production; wood veneer from lowvalue wood species; wood with low density. The proposed method of manufacture plywood, particularly hardwood veneer products can solve the problem of shortage of wood. It is proposed to design and technology, joinery products, veneer (non-format veneer, veneer flaws and veneers getting from logs). The method of manufacturing multilayer laminated articles from veneer is promising and has several advantages, which are as high consumer qualities of the products, significant reductions in labor costs and raw materials consumption. It is possible to produce parquet of the product and also wall panels, decorative elements of furniture which significantly reduces the cost and expands the scope of glued laminated products from plywood with minimum cost. Thus, the aim of this work is to expand the range of joinery products from waste products (plywood) with a high aesthetic and performance properties.
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