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Title: Luminescence of oxyfluoride glasses containing YB3+–RE3+ ions
Authors: Loiko, P. A.
Rachkovskaya, G. E.
Zakharevich, G. B.
Skoptsov, N. A.
Yumashev, K. V.
Keywords: oxyfluoride glasses
ions of rare-earth elements
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Luminescence of oxyfluoride glasses containing YB3+–RE3+ ions / P. A. Loiko [et al.] // Glass and Ceramics. – 2016. – Vol. 73, № 1-2. – P. 9-13
Abstract: The optical absorption and up-conversion luminescence of oxyfluoride glasses in the system SiO2–PbO–PbF2–CdF2 coactivated by Yb3+–RE3+ ions (where RE = Er, Tm, Ho, Dy, Pr, or Tb) are investigated. Excitation with a laser diode in the IR range (960 nm) gives intense green, blue, and red luminescence. The color characteristics of the up-conversion luminescence in the CIE 1931 system are determined. The efficiency of energy transfer from the Yb3+ to the RE3+ ions is found to be 70% for RE = Er, Tm, and Ho. The efficiency of cooperative energy transfer reaches 10% for glass with Yb–Tb ions.
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