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Title: Optical properties of Ce–Ti-containing silicate glasses
Authors: Trusova, E. E.
Bobkova, N. M.
Gurin, V. S.
Hlushonok, G. K.
Keywords: silicate glass
chromophore center
transmission spectrum
absorption coefficient
electron paramagnetic resonance
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Optical properties of Ce–Ti-containing silicate glasses / E. E. Trusova [at al.] // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy.- 2009. - Vol. 76, No. 2.- P. 187-193
Description: Silicate glasses doped with ceria and titania have been studied. Such co-doping determines the specific coloration of the glasses with adjustable absorption in the visible spectral region. Based on measurements of optical transmittance and photoluminescence and studies of electron paramagnetic resonance, it was established that the features of their optical properties are due to the formation of chromophore centers incorporating cerium and titanium ions.
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