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Title: Modification of epoxy resins by polyisocyanates
Authors: Morev, F. V.
Prokopchuk, N. R.
Krutko, E. T.
Keywords: эпоксидные смолы
пленкообразующие композиты
полимерные материалы
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Morev, F. V. Modification of epoxy resins by polyisocyanates / F. V. Morev, N. R. Prokopchuk, E. T. Krutko // Proceedings of BSTU. Issue 4 : Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology. – Minsk : BSTU, 2012. – P. 77-80
Description: Epoxy resin compositions modified by compounds containing isocyanate fragments are recently of considerable scientific and practical interest. However, only some of them are widely used. Urethane fragments in the molecular structure of epoxy units of oligomeric molecules cause the improvement of the deformation-strength properties of polymer materials. The aim of this work is the development and study of film-forming composites with improved physical, mechanical and chemical properties by modifying the epoxy oligomers by the polyisocyanates.
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