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Title: Research of modified rosin usability in model compositions for precision molding
Authors: Prokopchuk, N. R.
Gorshcharik, N. D.
Kluev, A. Yu.
Kozlov, N. G.
Rozhkova, E. I.
Latishevich, I. A.
Keywords: модельные композиции
модельные составы
составы модельные
канифоль модифицированная
канифольные продукты
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Research of modified rosin usability in model compositions for precision molding / N. R. Prokopchuk [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. Issue 4 : Chemistry, organic substances technology and biotechnology. – Minsk : BSTU, 2012. – P. 88-99
Description: The research result of the modified rosin as a component of model compositions for precision cast-ing is given in the article. The last five years successes in producing the latest products from rosin are reached. New rosin products essentially differ from rosin by physi cal and chemical properties possess certain advantages enable to expand the sphere of introduction and level rosin shortcomings. Therefore development and research of new model compositions for precision casting taking into account the achievements in the field of secondary rosin product synthesis is an actual task and promotes decelerat-ing elimination in this area from foreign analogues.
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