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Title: Surface active and foaming properties of genapol lro specimen with polyvinylpyrrolidone
Authors: Emello, EG. G.
Bondarenko, Zh. V.
Firsova, L. D.
Ivinskaya, P. V.
Keywords: «вода - ПАВ Genapol LRO»
«вода - поливинилпирролидон»
«вода - Genapol LRO - поливинилпирролидон»
пенообразующие свойства
поверхностные активные свойства
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Surface active and foaming properties of genapol lro specimen with polyvinylpyrrolidone / EG. G. Emello [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2013. – № 4. – P. 50-53.
Description: Surface-active properties of systems “water – surfactant Genapol LRO”, “water – polyvinylpyrrolidone”, “water – Genapol LRO – polyvinylpyrrolidone”, depending on the amount of components were studied. It was established that polyvinylpyrrolidone is a surface-inactive substance, and the surface activity of the preparation Genapol LRO is 32.9 (J · l)/(m2 · mol). Foaming capacity of water solutions of the SAS in the concentration 0.02–50.00 g / l was defined. Over the whole range of concentrations highly resistant foams were obtained. It was confirmed that the preparation Genapol LRO performs the functions of both frother and stabilizer. It was investigated the influence of polyvinylpyrrolidone on solutions to foam and them stabilization for the surfactant of 2.0 g / l. The quantity of polyvinylpyrrolidone, providing the production of hygienic detergent in accordance with the requirements of STB 16752006, was determined.
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