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Title: Investigation of properties and sowing qualities of forest seeds of european larch
Authors: Tupik, P. V.
Mantitskaya, A. V.
Keywords: характеристики шишек
семена европейской лиственницы
лесные плантации
семенные плантации
качество семян
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Tupik, P. V. Investigation of properties and sowing qualities of forest seeds of european larch / P. V. Tupik, A. V. Mantitskaya // Proceedings of BSTU. – Minsk : BSTU. – 2014. – № 1. – P. 115-117.
Description: The paper dwells upon size-quality characteristics of cones and sowing qualities of European larch seeds harvested from different plantations (forest cultures and seed plantation), their age being different. As a result of the investigation it has been identified that qualitative and quantitative characteristics of European larch forest seeds harvested from forest and seed plantations show no considerable differences. A significant difference has been found for sowingqualities of seeds. It has been stated that with increasing age the seed germination increases from 0–20% (biological age of 8 years) to 34.5–35.6% (biological age of 10 years). The paper gives some recommendations on European larch cones harvesting taking into account its biological features.
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