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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Technical properties of elastomer compositions on the basis of butadiyen-nitril of rubber modified by politetraftoretilenPolonik, V. D.; Prokopchuk, N. R.; Shashok, Zh. S.
2012Modification of epoxy resins by polyisocyanatesMorev, F. V.; Prokopchuk, N. R.; Krutko, E. T.
2012Papermaking properties of various pulps used for printing paper productionDubovik, A. A.; Gorzhanov, V. V.; Shkirando, T. P.; Penkin, A. A.; Solovyeva, T. V.
2012Application of the modified styrene copolymers for reinforcement of recycled pulp paperZholnerovich, N. V.; Caputsky, F. N.; Chеrnaya, N. V.; Shiman, D. I.; Lesun, L. A.; Kasperovich, Y. V.
2012Technology features of fuel pellets from deciduous woodDubodelova, E. V.; Sychova, N. A.; Khmyzov, I. A.; Snopkova, T. A.; Solovyeva, T. V.
2012Change of properties and structure of films derived from powder paints in the process of artificial climatic agingKukhta, T. N.; Prokopchuk, N. R.
2012Comparative analysis of diacylated peroxide methanol solution decomposition under temperature and microwave radiationGaidukevich, O. A.; Skakovsky, Ye. D.; Tychinskaya, L. Yu.; Zveryeva, T. D.; Dicusar, Ye. A.; Lamotkin, S. A.
2012Pyrazole derivatives as polyethylene oxidative destruction stabilizersBaulin, I. S.; Yatsenko, V. V.; Mikhalyonok, S. G.; Kuz’menok, N. M.; Кoval’chuk, T. A.; Nesterova, S. V.; But’ko, T. A.
2012Structure and properties of composite materials from fibreglass wastes and thermosetting binderKordikova, Ye. I.; Spiglazov, A. V.; Dubovik, I. N.; Cherenkevich, A. S.
2012On solving the problem of kinetics of vulcanization with the use of numerical methodsKarmanova, О. V.; Molchanov, V. I.; Shashok, Zh. S.