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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Chemical and technological tests of beetroot in the development of technology of obtaining concentrated juice from itShachek, T. M.; Ivashko, D. E.; Yegorova, Z. E.
2015Preparation of hypericin enriched St. John's wort extractsKovalenko, N. A.; Yantsevich, A. V.; Supichenko, G. N.; Leont’ev, V. N.
2015Research of influence of hardwood species composition on properties of thermomechanical pulp (TMP) and paper made from itTimofeeva, E. K.; Pismenskiy, P. I.; Shkirando, T. P.; Solov’yeva, T. V.
2015The influence of heavy metal ions on absorption spectra of chlorophyll from Euglena gracilis (in vitro)Gazerani Farahani, Sh.; Leontiev, V. N.
2015Research of amino acid composition of protein of сеreal and grain legume crops of Belarusian selectionNikitenko, A. N.; Domash, V. I.; Sheyko, A. Ch.
2015Development of a new shampoo type with fir essential oil additiveNozdryn, P. V.; Lamotkin, S. A.; Kryvonosova, E. V.
2015Characteristics of bacteria of the genus pseudomonas, isolated from foodsElhedmi, A. E.; Elkaib, H. M.; Leontiev, V. N.
2015Sorption isotherms of milk mixturePodorozhniaya, I. V.; Vetokhin, S. S.; Orsik, M. V.
2015The composition study of terpenoidmaleic adductsKlyuev, A. Yu.; Skakovskiy, E. D.; Kozlov, N. G.; Prokopchuk, N. R.; Gorshcharik, N. D.; Rozhkova, E. I.; Bay, M. P.; Ogorodnikova, M. M.
2015The influence of paper mass composition on effectiveness of applying synthetic fillersShcherbakova, T. O.; Chernaya, N. v.; Zholnerovich, N. V.