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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Physical and mechanical properties of composite materials polymer waste JSC “Beltsvetmet”Karpovich, O. I.; Narkevich, A. L.; Khrol, E. Z.; Petrushenya, A. F.; Pozhen’ko, Ya. I.
2015Composition and structure polymer waste JSC “Beltsvetmet”Karpovich, O. I.; Revyako, M. M.; Khrol, E. Z.; Dubina, A. V.
2015The interaction of (2-fluorophenyl) and (4-fluorophenyl)-(2-nitomethylcyclopentyl)methanone with phenylacetyleneAntonevich, I. P.; Katok, Ya. M.; Nesterova, S. V.
2015Modification of synthetic rubbers to improve the elastic and strength properties of the elastomeric compositionsDolinskaya, R; Prokopchuk, N. R.; Korovina, Yu. V.
2015Polyethylene antioxidants based on aromatic acid hydrazidesLiubimau, A. G.; Yurachka, V. V.
2015Fillers and catalysts effect on the physicochemical properties of urea-formaldehyde resinsShishakov, E. P.; Shpak, S. I.; Chubis, P. A.; Shevchuk, M. O.
2015Spectrofluorimetric determination of aluminium (III) with the use 8-oxyhinolinSavos’ko, I. V.
2015Characteristic properties of spinning solution and nanofibres from chitosan biopolymerProkopchuk, N. R.; Shashok, Zh. S.; Vishnevskiy, K. V.; Prishchepenko, D. V.
2015Properties of coatings of high styrene thermoplastic elastomers and their modificationsSedykh, V. A.; Nikulina, N. s.; Kozlovtsev, V. V.; Kasperovich, A. V.
2015Properties of elastomeric compositions with plasticizers based on secondary raw materialsLeshkevich, A. V.; Shashok, Zh. S.; Gurin, P. D.