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Title: Synthesis of pigments using products of vanadium containing industrial waste utilization
Authors: Zharskiy, I. M.
Kurilo, I. I.
Kryshilovich, Ye. V.
Kharitonov, D. S.
Keywords: ванадийсодержащие отходы
промышленные отходы
переработка отходов
синтез ванадата висмута
синтез пигментов
лакокрасочные пигменты
соединения ванадия
ванадийсодержащие продукты
синтез ортованадата висмута
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Synthesis of pigments using products of vanadium containing industrial waste utilization / I. M. Zharskiy [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 3. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 73-79
Description: The results of studies of the elemental composition of vanadium-containing industrial waste have been presented. The expediency of its processing due to the profitability of production, the necessity of expanding the raw mate rial base for short supply of vanadium and reducing of nega-tive effects on the environment has been shown. Composition of products extracted from industrial vanadium-containing waste by hydrometallurgical method has been studied. The content of vana-dium are based on V 2 O 5 can reach more than 85 wt %, that meets specifications for this reagent. Solvothermal and sonochemical methods of bism uth vanadate synthesis from obtained vanadi-um (V) oxide have been developed. The phase and elemental composition of synthesized bismuth orthovanadate powders, their size, morphological and coloristic characteristics, physical and chem-ical properties: oil absorption, pH of the aqueous extract, particle size has been studied. It was shown that ultrasonic treatment of a suspension in the synthesis allows to intensify the process in 4–5 times, contributes to obtaining a smooth spherical particle shape, but also leads to an increase in particle size deteriorates powder and several coloristic properties of the pigment. The expedien-cy of using products of vanadium-containing industrial waste treatment for the synthesis of paint pigments BiVO4 has been shown.
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