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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Glass-ceramic cement for vacuum-tight jointLevitskii, I. A.; Papko, L. F.; Dyadenko, M. V.
2015Production of toughened sheet glasses of thin nominalsPavlyukevich, Yu. G.; Kravchuk, A. P.
2015Microstructured high-alumina ceramics for filtration of disperse systemsPavlyukevich, Yu. G.; Hundzilovich, N. N.
2015Phosphates purification of waste water by natural materials and industrial wastes (comparative study)Sapon, Ye. G.; Martsul, V. N.
2015Steel C15E corrosion resistance to disinfectantsRamanouski, V. I.; Zhilinski, V. V.
2015Preparation of fillers based on hydrated aluminium orthophosphate for ersYeshchanka, L. S.; Layeuskaya, Ye. V.; Korobko, Ye. V.; Novikova, Z. A.
2015Builder composition development for low-phosphatic detergentsYeshchanka, L. S.; Alekseev, A. D.; Sumich, A. L.; Zhuk, G. M.
2015Researches of physical and chemical features of processes of complex fertilizers producing in the presence of magnesium containing componentsDormeshkin, O. B.; Hauryliuk, A. N.; Cherches, G. Kh.
2015Galvanic corrosion resistance of aluminum and its alloy in galvanic couples with steels with metallic coatingsMatys, V. G.; Poplavsky, V. V.
2015The hydrocomplexation in the system Cr{3+}– Cu{2+} – NO[3]{-} – H[2]OSokolovskiy, A. Ye.
2015Producing of thermal insulating materials on the basis of silica gel by one-stage processing technologyTereschenko, I. M.; Dormeshkin, O. B.; Kravchuk, A. P.; Zhih, B. P.
2015Physical and chemical properties of solid solutions based on lanthanum indate doped by Nd{3+}, Cr{3+}, Mn{3+} ionsYukhno, Ye. K.; Bashkirov, L. A.
2015Determination of the main parameters of disinfection of drinking water supply facilities by ozoneRamanouski, V. I.; Likhavitski, V. V.; Rymovskaya, M. V.; Hurynovich, A. D.
2015Investigation of ozone solubility in water in height of the liquidRamanouski, V. I.; Likhavitski, V. V.; Hurynovich, A. D.
2015Synthesis of pigments using products of vanadium containing industrial waste utilizationZharskiy, I. M.; Kurilo, I. I.; Kryshilovich, Ye. V.; Kharitonov, D. S.
2015Nickel pigments preparation by spent nickel-plating electrolyte precipitationAshuiko, V. A.; Kandidatova, I. N.; Novikova, L. N.
2015Modeling of passive heat removal system of nuclear power plant containment in thermal convection modeAndrizhievskiy, A. A.; Trifonov, A. G.; Kulik, L. S.
2015Base program complex of the method of analysis of thermal characteristics of heat-exchange surfaces of complex shapesAndrizhievskiy, A. A.; Lukashevich, A. G.
2015Energy effectivity of air source heat pumpValodzin, V. I.; Kuntysh, V. B.; Filatau, S. A.
2015Improvement of processes of gribing operation and deslimation of sylvinite ore before flotatonLevdanskii, E. I.; Levdanskii, I. A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 21