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Title: Microstructured high-alumina ceramics for filtration of disperse systems
Authors: Pavlyukevich, Yu. G.
Hundzilovich, N. N.
Keywords: микроструктурированные материалы
керамика высокоглиноземистая
керамические массы
проницаемая керамика
керамические мембраны
состав керамической массы
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Pavlyukevich, Yu. G. Microstructured high-alumina ceramics for filtration of disperse systems / Yu. G. PavlyukevichN. N. Hundzilovich // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 3. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 13-16
Description: Microstructured materials were derived from ceramic masses including alumina GK-2 as a filler, and clay Keramik-Vesko, glass HT-1, gibbsite as a binder. It was found that addition of gibbsite in the binder composition intensifies the formation of mullite in binder as well as on a surface of the grains of the filler. Produced by the thermal dissociation of gibbsite γ-Al2O3 has a high chemical activity and increases crystalliz ation, thereby values of mechanical strength. It was found that additions of HT-1 glass in the binder composition intensify sintering processes of the material due to active physical and chemical interactions between the components of the binder and filler particles to produce eutectic compositions. HT -1 glass is aluminoborosilicate composition. It is chemically and thermally resistant thereby its addition does not decrease the physicochemical properties of the ceramic filter and can reduce the sintering temperature of the material. The pore structure of synthesized material is represented by an extensive network of open pores having an average diameter of 10 µm. It makes them suitable for microfiltration disperse hydrosystems: water treatment, purification of dairy products, blood products, corrosive liquids, etc.
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