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Title: Builder composition development for low-phosphatic detergents
Authors: Yeshchanka, L. S.
Alekseev, A. D.
Sumich, A. L.
Zhuk, G. M.
Keywords: солевые композиции
метасиликат натрия
жидкое стекло
карбонат натрия
поверхностная активность
моющие средства
малофосфатные средства
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: BSTU
Citation: Yeshchanka, L. S. Builder composition development for low-phosphatic detergents / L. S. Yeshchanka [et al.] // Proceedings of BSTU. No. 3. – Minsk : BSTU, 2015. – P. 36-39
Description: The effect of a content of sodium metasilicate, water glass, and the “matrix” / sodium carbonate mass ration in composition of builder on hygroscopicity, surface activity and detergency of the low-phosphatic detergents are investigated. In order to optimize the composition of the builder 3 factorial experiment based on close to D-optimal plan Kono has been used. The optimal values of the investigat-ed factors for each criterion optimization are determined, equations of private utility functions are obtained and values of the generalized optimization criterion in each row of the experimental design are calculated. As a result, the second-degree polynomial as the dependence of the generalized criterion optimization on three variables − the content of sodium metasilicate (x3), water glass ( x2) and the mass ratio of the “matrix” / carbonate solution ( x1) the following type W = 0.7367 + 0.0798[x1] – 0.1310[x2]– – 0.3410[x3] – 0.0015[x1][x2]+ 0.0021[x1][x3]+ 0.0050[x2][x3] – 0.0009[x1]{2 }+ 0.0096[x2]{2} + 0.0110[x3]{2}is derived. It is shown that the optimum value of hygroscopic point, detergency and surface activity is achieved at two different compositions of the builder. Based on the totality of the data, the optimal composition of the builder comprising 4 wt % of water glass, 4 wt % of sodium metasilicate, and the resulting mass ratio “matrix” / sodium carbonate equal to 43.60 is offered.
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