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Title: University teacher`s mission: vision for the second of Bologna Process
Authors: Kazarenkov, Vjacheslav Ilich
Kazarenkova, Tatiana Borisovna
Vetokhin, Siarhei Siarheevich
Wael, Hamze
Keywords: higher education
guality asurance
university teacher
высшее образование
качество образования
преподаватель университета
Болонский процесс
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: БГТУ
Citation: University teacher`s mission: vision for the second of Bologna Process / V. I. Kazarenkov [et al.] // Высшее техническое образование. - Минск : БГТУ, 2017. - Т. 1, № 2. - С. 16-20. - Библиогр.: 17 назв.
Abstract: Building the joint area of higher education in Europe within the framework of the Bologna process, other processes of integration and national self-determination have shown the need to create a new model of university education and rethink the role of the educator in it. The isolation of professors and students, which presented in the most part of the twentieth century, was to a certain extent a brake on development, which required shaping new relations in the educational environment. In this connection, as a target could be offered formation of conditions for the upbringing of a modern self-sufficient personality, who clear understands the national level achievements and their contribution to the world development, possesses the ability to think critically, to work in a team, to respect different opinions and values. Joint activity of the teachers and students in the educational process, research work and other activities is the method of achieving this goal.
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